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Our Story

Our story is dedicated to the perfect taste.


We use the best flour to create top quality products. It comes from carefully selected manufacturers in Spain and France. The quality of our ingredients differentiates us from our competitors.


Original Dots products are enjoyed by millions of customers worldwide. It is one of the most beloved pastries in Romania and can be found in Auchan, Billa, Carrefour Express, Mega Image, Penny Market and Starbucks.


Variety is the spice of life: classical, coated in chocolate, stuffed with sweet cream or sprinkled with confetti colored, Dots products are a perfect dessert.

Este vorba despre gust!

Quality Products

No preservatives / Trans-fat free / Gluten free

Healthy food / Clean Label / Certificates as requiered by export sales

Our Produts

european pastry romania

Certified sustainable palm Oil (CSPO).

A mixture of the best wheat from Spain and France makes our Flour.

european pastry romania
european pastry romania

Our Butter originates from Spain, France and Belgium.

european pastry romania

The Cocoa comes from the world's main cocoa producers, grown between the tropics.

Our Partners

Auchan - Partener European Pastry
Billa - Partener European Pastry
Carrefour - Partener European Pastry
Maga Image - Partener European Pastry
Penny Market - Partener European Pastry
Starbucks - Partener European Pastry
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